FormZ FormZ

Manage your TYPO3 forms

It's easy, fast and powerful

FormZ is born from the needs of a powerful API that can help managing dozens of forms inside a project.

What FormZ is

  • A form manager

    It provides several tools to ease the implementation of any sort of form: TypoScript configuration, field validation, complex field activation condition, Fluid field layouts, and more.

  • A PHP/JavaScript API

    Everything is made for developers and integrators, to help them build the forms the final user will want to use: pretty, easy to fill and with understandable validation messages.

  • A central place to create and manage forms

    Thanks to TypoScript configuration and Fluid view helpers, you can easily create reusable components (validators, field layouts, messages, etc.).

  • A great tool to build huge & complex TYPO3 forms

    Really. It will take care of many things for you. Just configure it right, and it will save you a lot of time.

What FormZ is not

  • A form builder

    The goal of FormZ has never been – and will never be – to help people building forms within seconds. It doesn't mean that you can't use it to build small, simple forms – just that it is not intended for instant installation.

    Other TYPO3 extensions already provide this type of functionality, like Powermail or the EXT:form extension provided with TYPO3 core.

  • A TYPO3 plugin/module

    For now, FormZ doesn't provide any sort of frontend plug-in, backend module, or any visual tool. Everything is managed by developers and integrators.